Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stupidity Can't Be Parodied: Leftist With Gun...

What Else? ...Shoots Another Leftist, Of course.
Protest at Milo Yiannopoulos Event at University of Washington Ends in Gunfire

"The victim, who is reported to have possibly sustained life-threatening injuries, is currently being treated at the Harborview Medical Center. Police state that the 34-year-old male received a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Little else is known of the victim’s identity at this point.

The suspect who fired the gun turned himself in and was arrested on Saturday. He was accompanied by another individual. Both individuals were released later that day.

“Following investigation of the details surrounding the incident, and in consultation with the prosecuting attorney’s office, the suspects were released pending further investigation. No suspects remain outstanding,” University police said in a statement.

The Seattle Times reports that law-enforcement officials said the shooter claims that the man he shot was “some type of white supremacist.” Friends of the injured man say he isn’t a white supremacist, and that the tattoo identifying him as a racist is an anti-swastika symbol—a black swastika surrounded by a red circle with a slash through it. Antifa websites also identified the victim as a “comrade” of the left-leaning movement."

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Greg said...

The stupid. It hurts!!