Thursday, January 19, 2017

I Can't Wait

Only one day remains before the MSM starts non-stop coverage of the thugs, hoods, anti-American traitors and other Leftist/Soros "protestors" at the national mall. The only deviation from that will be to cut in Obama, who will talk about himself. Or maybe if some Leftist elite takes a shot at Trump, which could actually happen.


JBart said...

now are you saying you wish for chaos, you hope things go wrong... what do you expect exactly? Don't you want things to go well? To prove Trump was indeed the right choice. Liberal friends overreacted I thought. but now this is getting scary, wishing for violence and oppression it seems. I wonder if we elected a dangerous autocrat

Stan said...

The title was sarcasm.

What we are witnessing is tantamount to a revolution of law vs Leftist totalitarianism. the USA is blessed with this sort of revolution, every four years. Law won the right to govern; the Leftists have promised chaos. The idea that Trump is an autocrat is pure fear mongering from the Left. They have done what they can in the culture to try to discredit a governmental change which happened under the law.

The violent Leftists have their big moment today. They will be met by the law, hopefully at every point of entry.

The MSM will play up this conflict as Free Speech, even as whatever trashing of the environment (burning, looting, stink bombs, fire bombs... to weapons just outside the barriers, pointed in) proceeds.

They have promised this. I expect it. What I hope for is inconsequential. If I hope for anything, it is that these violent thugs are identified, and are identifiable for future corralling and restraint from the public sphere.

Stan said...

Remember: Lincoln was killed by a Democrat.

Steven Satak said...

JBart is another sock puppet, in case you haven't had time to roll over the name. Does not have an honest link. Only one visitor to this site tries to maintain anonymity using that trick, and that visitor is an atheist Leftist asshole. AKA, fat troll.

Stan said...

Thanks. I deleted a rash of them this morning. Moderation is on for the time being.