Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's Intuitively True

The MSM does not represent objectivity, that has been clear ever since Edward R. Murrow died. The MSM represents the amoral Socialist Progressive Left, violence and all.
Poll Shows Only 33 Percent Oppose Trump's Temporary Ban on Immigrants From Terrorist Havens
The spittle-flecked, raging talking heads of the Left - including Obama - support the demonstrations, who quickly degenerate into physical violence.
Obama: I’m “heartened” by all of the public protest over Trump’s EOd

Trump Supporter Gets Jumped By Mob of Protesters!

Activist Screams: 'We Need to Start Killing People'

CNN's Don Lemon: Anti-Trump Violence Against Disabled Man 'Not Evil'
'Course not; it's just Free Speech when blacks do it.

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