Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Joseph P. Kennedy III, Still Mystified About Real People

This won't happen:
Democrats, Heal Thyselves

"Kennedy rallied roughly 160 Democrats in a high school cafeteria in deep-blue Newton, giving a brief outline of what he sees as the future of his party.

An important step, he said, is to find out why people voted for Trump, rather than reacting to everything he posts on Twitter.

“The danger with going down that road is that it risks distracting us from what the core message was on November 7 and November 8,” Kennedy said. “For some reason this time, they decided to trust Donald Trump with their vote.”

He said liberal voters need to find common ground with Trump supporters, and said berating them for their decision is the wrong way to win them back. “Folks, we lost their trust and being mortified and mystified about their vote doesn’t bring it back,” he said."
The reason that it won't happen is two-fold. First, they already know everything worth knowing by virtue of their Class. Second, they wouldn't believe anything their inferiors would tell them.

A quick search of the internet would be a revelation, but that's outside their safe space bubble. And if anyone caught them doing it, they'd be excommunicated from the cult, post haste. And they'd do the same for other suspicious wanderings from the narrative. It's just too dangerous to seek truth when you're part of the totalitarian elite. And besides, what IS truth? Isn't it a fool's errand to seek that which does not exist, officially starting this century? Leftist morality du jour is all that matters in this Brave New Globalist Mecca.

The Left suckles on moral outrage, not truth. Post Truth; Post Structuralism; Post Enlightenment; Post Modern; these are all badges of honor and belonging. So they will not be questioned any more than Obama awarding Biden a golden medal for nothing in particular. Or for that matter, Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize even while setting the Middle East on fire and handing it over to the Russians while claiming "I'm pretty good at killing people".

JP: Could have anything to do with this type of Democrat Class War assault on the USA:
“Barack Obama will forever be the president who worked diligently to put the gun of government to the heads of the Little Sisters of the Poor, demanding that they either pay to destroy children in the womb or be crushed.”
Yeh. It's paradigmatic of the Democrat/Leftist Narrative. So I think so.

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