Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Question of the Day

Is it the case, i.e., true, that roughly half the people in the USA are hate-filled, Leftist, supporters of criminality, perversion, and contempt for the dissenting half of the people in the USA? I.e., that one out of two people hate me?

Hate me to the point of doing violence to me and/or my family and friends? Due specifically to my respect for law, the constitution, non-aggression by the US Government on its own people?

The irrational spewing, white hot volcanic hatred, while bearing signs proclaiming "love trumps hate", demonstrates an intellectual shut-down - swamped by emotional, mob-oriented violent and mindless myopic focus... on their hatred of the Other.

The presence of a dominant, sacred Narrative always shuts down any remote chance for discernment. This is cult operation. It is the opposite of discernment. It requires no intellect at all, because it is the pathway of lemmings. All it really needs is a chant, a bumper-sticker proclaiming simultaneous elitism and hatred: "Love Trumps Hate"... except that they must HATE the OTHER.

There's always that same exception to Leftist HOLY rules: Tolerance except for the Other; Diversity except for the Other; Unity except for the Other; Love except for the Other; Peace except for the Other; Free Speech except for the Other; Religious Liberty for Islam, but not for the Other. And in a Special Twist: gun free zones except for free firing whackos.

But back to the question: is it really every second person who thinks this way, who hates the rest of us so much that rationality is no longer possible?


The rest of us, the Other, must act accordingly as necessary.

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Brooks said...

Such hypocrisy they hate half of us because we're the supposed haters. makes no sense. Well said