Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Cult That Believed Too Hard

The Left had assumed that the arc of history was undeniably theirs. The inauguration would be a coronation to surpass even that of Obama. Then the Dragon Queen would seize the Supreme Court, finish establishing Progressivism as the standard for all executive divisions and agencies, conquer the voting process by openly enabling fraud, silencing the Other by beating back all dissent with PC Social Justice, and finally creating an all Progressive Congress.

It was inevitable. The right side of history. The momentum could not be stopped. They had won... forever. They were the winners, assured of perpetual power and control.

But it was stopped. Dead cold. They lost it all, overnight.

Their beliefs failed them. Their loss was the eruption of an entire worldview. Their single Truth, was false.

Their response: to try harder; double down; rail against reality; deny reality even exists; cry-scream-curse; attempt to deny the legitimacy of the legitimate. There's no attempt to adjust their worldview toward reality (much less toward their own slogans). No attempt to accommodate the Other. No attempt to live up to their own slogans of inclusivity, tolerance, Love trumping hate, and other falseness.

There is only violent hatred. Everywhere now, especially from the MSM as they incite. It was there before, disguised by the false flags of Leftist slogans.

The Left now openly spews its previously concealed hatred upon the Othered Class. The Othered Class plainly sees the Left for what it is. What it is, is a mindless, utopian cult whose claim to permanent victory over their hated class was assured - and then mysteriously lost. Their control of history - lost. Their domination of the Oppressor Class forever - denied. Their eradication of whites from the west - thwarted.

At least for now.

The now-open eruptions hatred of the Left will be channeled soon, organized into anarchist-like attacks intended as subversion of the constitutionally legitimate Othered Class, and destabilizatin of the new, constitutional government. Their hatred will take lives and wreak havoc. America's Red Revolution is impending.

The good news is that, when armed, Leftists tend to shoot each other, rather than their actual quarry.

Summer's coming; the hatred is not abating.


Charlie said...

Dear Stan, I wouldn't agree with everything you say but great point regarding the Left hating others while preaching non hate!

Joseph said...

Stan said...

Great link, thanks,

Steven Satak said...

I have plenty of bullets. Let them bring their anarchy.