Saturday, January 21, 2017

The End of a Spectacular Beginning

And the end of a very entertaining presidential campaign season.
Trump's inauguration, just like his campaign, breaks Washington norms

Even the run-up to Inauguration Day foreshadowed the shift coming to the capital.

Motorcycle bikers promised a “wall of meat” of leather-clad security, and ordinary Americans from across the country — some on their first trips to Washington — celebrated a leader who they say speaks for them. Members of Congress welcomed some European nationalist party leaders to join inaugural parties.

And Trump’s army of “deplorables” — as many supporters began calling themselves following Hillary Clinton’s criticism — held a “DeploraBall” that was interrupted by protesters shouting anti-Nazi chants.

Protesters fanned across the city in recent days, including outside the home of Vice President Mike Pence to spotlight his opposition to same-sex marriage.

A concert Thursday at the Lincoln Memorial drew thousands of supporters, but instead of a star-studded lineup, it included recorded hits from the Rolling Stones between acts, reminiscent of the campaign trail, with a Trump favorite: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”
And the best is still to come!
Obama says farewell at same moment Trump signs first executive order

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