Monday, January 16, 2017

Why the left hates Trump so intensely

The Blue Model is increasingly being referred to as "the Cathedral", in a descriptive response to the religious cult nature of Leftism. The Left provides morally religious-type but false Righteousness and moral superiority to all things Left, and moral existential elitism to all Leftists who accept them; a secular, amoral religious cult. This places Leftist violent hatred into the same category as Muslim riots, violence and furor at insults to Islam, real or perceived.

So the visceral, violent hatred that the Left is openly flaunting is not politically motivated, at least not completely. It is culturally and religiously motivated as well. And when a class such as the class of Democrat/Leftists has no morals beyond maintaining their own elite self-righteous cult standing, then all means to that end are acceptable.

They have lost, politically, culturally, and also lost their standing as Righteous Elites.

That warrants any and all means to regain their control and previous status as superiors to the herd.

Why the left hates Trump so intensely
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