Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Women's March: Racist Undercurrents

Victimhood Group BW attacks Victimhood Group WW
Black women dump on white women prior to "Women's March" on Washington
Blacks are reveling in their role as Oppressor Arm of the Victimhood Class. They drip condescension as they attack people in whose shoes they cannot/will not walk. According to this new concept, blacks "know" that all of their leg-up programs are not "privilege", that Victimhood status is not "privilege", that all that they have is their precious Victimhood. So other Victimhood Classes are actually Oppressor Classes.

This was made obvious when the three Victimhood Sub-Classes - White Lesbian Feminist Sexploitationists, Black Racist Feminists, and "Female" Transgenders - clashed, denigrated and outraged each other in the past couple of years.

I suppose each subgroup - now enemies - must hold their own march on Washington. If they should meet up, there might be some eye-scratching and outrage shrieking for the cameras. Always entertaining, these Victimhoods (or just "hoods").

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