Friday, February 17, 2017

And THIS Is Why He's Prez

For a text of the presser, with minimal commentary until the end, try RUSH LIMBAUGH

The MSM predictably will consider this to be "Deplorable", because they are supposed to control the country's narrative, not the president. They will accuse, yell, scream, whine and cry.

Trump will grin, and so will I.


Zach said...

Of course you will grin because you are evil just like Trump, people who care about nothing but the preservation of what used to be the good ol' days, when only white men were in control. You are against freedom, against liberty, against the pursuit of happiness by all Americans. You hide your misogynistic views under the pretense of caring for the good of the country, when all you really want is for white men to be the head of the country, head of companies, and of course head of the households. You grin at the misery of others, at the exclusion of chunks of the population who don't fit your definition of normal. Deplorable indeed.

Stan said...

Zach, that is the most bigoted, obtuse, and false comment that I've seen since I watched PBS News last night (turned it off after 20 minutes, the bias was disgusting).

Keep in mind, Zach, that the Democrats have always been the party of racial oppression. The Democrat Party was created specifically to preserve slavery of blacks.

The Democrats seceded when the Republican Lincoln was elected, in order to preserve their slavery system.

A Democrat killed Lincoln after Lincoln freed the slaves.

The Democrats' racism caused the Civil War, and the death of over 500,000 people.

After they lost the Civil War, the Democrats oppressed blacks with Jim Crow laws and the KKK violent terrorists (the Democrat Party enforcement arm).

When the Republicans passed the Civil Rights Bill of 1964, the Democrats under LBJ decided to keep blacks downtrodden by giving them bare survival in ghettos where the blacks actually became Democrats in order to preserve their bare survival benefits.

Democrat politicians have become filthy rich by the act of keeping the black ghettos as captive plantation zones where the black family has been destroyed, unemploymment, maleducation and drugs operate as one continuous machine to suppress the ghetto blacks.

Zach, here's the thing. You are mindlessly parroting the Democrat party line, not investigating it. You are blindly accepting and repeating the prepackaged lies which you have been given, and which you apparently wholeheartedly accept without any intellectual scrutiny whatsoever.

That renders you an ignorant tool of the Left. And a blind zealot for false propaganda.

Is that what you want?

Why not ask what I want, rather than tell me?

By telling me what I want, you exercise the Leftist tribalist class system, which is the same system as racism, antisemitism, sexism, etc. It is tribalist bigotry.

And it is Hate.

Why not ask? Can you not go beyond the Leftist cartoon of the evil people who you do not know? Can you not ask "what is the truth about these people?" Or would that be too dangerous to your psyche? Can you handle truth?

We, the Deplorables, are NOT the cartoon the you and Left project. That cartoon is the tool of the 5 Minute Hate. That cartoon, when regurgitated as you have done above, is your 5 Minute Hate rant. Why the virulent HATE against a stupid, incorrect cartoon?

Why? Tell me why. Let's discuss it in civil tones. Or maybe you cannot.

We'll see, won't we?

Zach said...

Nobody cares what Democrats did 50 years ago, or even last year for what it's worth. This is about Trump and hateful bigots like you who support him. You care about spreading evil and darkness across everything that's too different from you, not American enough for you, not White enough for you. Facts don't matter, only opinions and feelings of how the good ol' days were.

Stan said...

You say "facts don't matter" as if facts matter to you, but then you give no facts, only hate-filled opinions which do not match any existential facts whatsoever.

That sort of dichotomy is indicative of Post Truth indoctrination, where the claims are made with the thinnest veneer of painted-on claims of "truth", when in fact there is no truth at all within. And it doesn't matter to you, because you don't recognize the existence of truth, much less empirical validity, so when you claim "truth", it's merely an ephemeral, will o' the wisp, ungrounded claim which sounds good to you.

These are symptoms of derangement, and as Scott Adams points out, the triggering provided by Trump's election makes you choose between acknowledging your logic failure, or creating an imaginary reality to help you cope with your discrepant view of your own value after making such a terrible error in your basic logic and worldview.

The derangement is widespread at the moment, but reality will return to those who can handle it. Those who cannot will become permanently mentally damaged.

Strangely, it is a choice that many will make to remain deranged permanently to avoid the reality - which is that lawful, Constitutional, civil, rational society always fares far better than Leftist, decadent, scofflaw, totalitarian dens of perversion and its victims.