Monday, February 6, 2017

CalExit: Please.

A snippet from Scott Adams:

Yesterday I asked my most liberal, Trump-hating friend if he ever figured out why Republicans have most of the Governorships, a majority in Congress, the White House, and soon the Supreme Court. He said, “There are no easy answers.”
Sure there are. Stop bullying; stop denigrating; stop trying to control; in short:
In short, we already know you think we are inferior; deplorable; scum. So leave us alone. Live in your monoculture bubble, tax everyone else out, and leave us alone. That's all it would take.

Let us help you with your CalExit; Or even new, autonomous city states, complete with border control to keep the Deplorables out but let the illegals in. Fine by me. Go. Do it. Sequester yourselves and/or become part of Mexico - Canada doesn't want you.

You'll be very happy until the breadlines get too onerous for your maid to stand in for days. Maybe the Deplorables could be allowed to export bread from the USA into your compounds. The price might be quite high due to hoarding by the state officials (the standard operating procedure for totalitarians), but you could pay for your bread in gold until that runs out. The Deplorables won't take checks, phony money you print up, and certainly no credit from any Leftist bubble-state. So you need to hoard something of value to trade with.

Of course, you'll need passports and visas to get into the USA, should you wish to. But you won't be allowed to immigrate to the USA unless you are fully vetted in order to determine your position on abiding by law, the US Constitution, and deep respect for American people, customs, and beliefs - all of them. And quarantined for a period sufficient to detect mental disease. So very few will be allowed to remain in the USA, if you are even allowed in at all.

But the USA will not be obligated to the new Leftist bubble city-states in any manner, certainly not military protection, FEMA funds for disaster repair (fix your own earthquake damage), funding of bogus Leftist "education" at any level, environmental abuse, etc. No subsidies; no funding for anything anymore. Do it all yourselves.

As for water, electricity, fuel, food: We'll negotiate that with you, sometime. Maybe.

So. Make it official. Just Do It. We'll help speed the process along. Just to make America Great Again.


Steven Satak said...

Never gonna happen, Stan. First, it would require real work and the Left is lazy. Second, it would require massive cooperation between the States and agreement on all sides that this would be a Good Thing for the Union (something unlikely after 1860, but definitely after 1868).

And the Left, through 8 years of Obama, has fragmented our society to the point where that sort of cooperation is not something you can realistically expect.

Stan said...

Hey, I'd help! And I bet there's a groundswell of middle-American Deplorables who'd pitch in and get-er done.

If they won't secede, then we could just run 'em off - force secession on them... Gwan, git! Shoo!

Stan said...

Oh yeah, agreement from all states... that are not on the list for forcible secession. So Boston, Baltimore, NYC, Austin, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, etc. are not approved to vote in this endeavor.