Friday, February 3, 2017

Comment of the Day

"What Dems really hate about Trump is that he campaigns and governs with the no-holds-barred approach of a Democrat."
Glenn Reynolds
Democrats cared exactly nothing about what the non-Democrats thought or believed. If they even thought about it, they ridiculed the Othered Class, and declared them inferior in every way.

Now they are pretty sure that we, the ridiculed Others, should care what they, the totalitarian class, think/feel/say/scream. As for me: I do not in any way, manner or form give a rusty, red, rodent's rectum what they think/feel/say/scream. Actually, the volume at which they perform is very, very satisfying: they set this all up; now they reap the consequences. They deserve the whole magilla, which Trump is serving up daily.

Enjoy your consequences, Lefty-Donks. Your consequentialism has come home to roost, bringing you the crap you served us for nearly a decade, and which you seriously, richly deserve.

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