Sunday, February 19, 2017

...Except For, You Know, Actual Citizens Who Think Laws Are Binding, For Some Reason


Zach said...

Trump: "The Election are Rigged! The CIA/NSA/FBI are Phony! The media is fake! The courts are bias! The UN is dated! Climate Scientists are wrong! John McCain isn't even a war hero! Obama isn't American! Hillary is a criminal! Just trust me!"
If you still trust him over all of these American institutions, then you are the problem, Un-American, and woefully out of touch with reality and basic logic. Trump is the one going against the rule of Law. He only pretends otherwise. You were conned!

Robert Coble said...

Oh Zach, Zach, Zach.

The elections WERE rigged - in Hillary's favor. Unfortunately for you, Queen Vagina I "forgot" that the Presidency is won or lost in the Electoral College, not with the popular vote.

The CIA/NAS/FBI intelligence "communities" HAVE leaked "fake news" which is promptly amplified by the media, who have demonstrated multiple times that they are purveyors of "fake" stories. Start with little Danny Blather, who was fired from his CBS anchor desk because of the "fake" story about Bush. Or, if you are too young to even Google Dan Rather, consider Brian Williams, NBC anchor, who came under sniper fire while landing in Iraq. (and his breathless reporting of Queen Vagina I landing under sniper fire in Bosnia, while a courageous little girl stood there in all that sniper fire, greeting Her Lazy Majesty on the tarmac.

The UN is never dated (in spite of your ardent wish to find some reason to "take her out"), just outdated. Its members consistently slander the USA and vote in opposition to its interest while doing NOTHING to assist the poorer peoples of the world while being funded primarily by the USA.

Climate scientists (the ones pushing the "Chicken Little" models ARE wrong, and demonstrably so based on the data. When asked for the data, it "conveniently" disappears down the memory hole. When examined carefully, the data turns out to be carefully edited to support the foregone conclusions. For nearly 25 years, the warming "rise" has flat-lined. You are too young to know but the same "scientists" were shoveling the same bovine excrement during the 1970s - screaming about the impending ICE AGE!

John McCain is NOT a "war hero." Go research what he actually did, preceding and during his captivity in North Vietnam. He (ans his old pal John Kerry) are still stumping based on their past military glory years. "I'm John McCain; did I tell you that I served in Vietnam? gets old after 35-40 years.

Barack Hussein Obama is (by his own admission) only HALF American; the other half is Kenyan.

At last, but certainly NOT least, Hillary Clinton violated so many laws that it is impossible to consider her anything BUT a criminal. That she has powerful connections is the only reason that she is not wearing an orange jumpsuit in a Federal prison.

I know this will fall on willfully deaf eyes, but would you please read:

"SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police"

I'll give you a taste: here are the three SJW Laws:

1. SJWs always lie.

2. SJWs always double down.

3. SJWs always project.

Which of those four "laws" did you NOT break in your screeds?

Why are you so "RACISSS"? Why are you so "MISOGYNISTIC"? Why are you so "ISLAMOPHOBIC"? Why are you so "ANTI-SEMITIC"? Is it because of your WHITE PRIVILEGE that you "feel" you must pour out your MICRO-AGGRESSIONS? Why are you violating someone else's "SAFE SPACE"? Why are you such a "HATER"?

You're not tall enough for this ride, little Gamma.