Thursday, February 16, 2017

I Wouldn't Even Let Them In the Room...

Another Trump Win:
After Likening Trump to Hitler, Journalists Upset They're Not Getting Called on for Questions
'The President of the United States is shutting down the part of the First Amendment'

Members of the mainstream media were left fuming this afternoon after President Trump refused to call on any of their organizations for the third straight press conference.

Yet many of these same news organizations have likened Trump to the Taliban and Adolf Hitler, floated false rumors about his use of a Russian prostitute, and accused his administration of being pro-slavery.

After Trump avoided calling on MSNBC during today's presser with Benjamin Netanyahu, MSNBC’s Peter Alexander complained that the conservative journalists he did call on didn’t ask “real questions” like he would have.
I remember when real journalists actually investigated. After eight years of being fed Fake News by Obama, the MSM has forgotten how to be actual journalists, rather than Leftist fear mongers and Ad Hominem Abusive generators. I wouldn't talk to them either, even to give them directions, if they asked. OTOH, I might tell them where to go...

The MSM is desperate to create the image of scandal or even illegality in order to impeach Trump. Of course, the Donkey party has insufficient votes to do that, but the Republican Ancien RĂ©gime - i.e., Never Trumpers - might go in with the Donks and do a number on Trump.

Of course, if Trump is impeached but not convicted, the result will be devastating for Trump's attackers. The Donald will see to that.

Still the Most.Interesting.Political.Season.Ever.

My opinion: The Republican Party still needs a massive purge; the spy class, all 17 of them, needs a massive purge; virtually all the bureaucrat termite mounds need fumigating. There is still a whole lot to do.

And the US Marshals should be massively increased in size, training, range, and equipment in order to deal with the coming uprisings and proto-civil war.

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