Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Leftism and Original Sin


The burning question right now is, if protesting and rioting don’t result in prosecution, but don’t result in change either…where does this go next?


The weaponization of identity by the progressives has created not just a social conflict in America among many of my generation, but also an identity crisis. If I walked into the crowd at Berkley a few days ago with a sign that said ‘I am _____.’ and asked the people to only fill in one thing, I would almost guarantee you it would be in identitarian terms. I am white. Therefore, I am responsible for slavery, famine, and probably eat children. I am male. Therefore, I am responsible for slavery, famine, the ‘gender wage gap,’ sexism, rape and probably eat children. When I was pulled from the womb I became guilty of all those things, despite never actually having committed them. Conversely, if I checked the appropriate box, then my own potential discrimination cancels out some of the guilt I was born with and puts me in the good category, provided I don’t espouse heretical political beliefs like Milo. I hope you can see the religious overtones to the ideology, it relies very heavily on a perversion of the Original Sin concept with the zealot being responsible for his redemption through works and appropriate rites like virtue signaling.


You get to laugh Netflix out of the building once. Reality is a cruel mistress, and often makes very stunning examples out of those who scorn her. The laughing is beginning to stop on the street, though it continues in the legacy media and among the pundit class in their gated communities. The next evolution will show us how many true believers exist, as many choose to continue to escalate to violent behavior rather than face a crisis of identity. The crisis of identity has been a generation in the making, and inconvenient facts will not reverse a generation raised on political tribalism. Escalation is inevitable because it is the only course left.

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