Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Firebrand conservative columnist Milo Yiannopolous quits Breitbart after he was accused of defending pedophilia - but storms: 'This is a politically-motivated witch-hunt. F*** you for that.'
Firebrand 'alt-right' columnist dramatically announced he was leaving Breitbart after videos surfaced of him speaking about pedophilia

He was accused of condoning and defending pedophiles by speaking about 'coming of age relationships' being criminalized

His $250,000 book deal was canceled when the comments surfaced and his speaking engagement at a major conservative conference also stopped

Statement on Monday afternoons said he did not want his 'poor choice of words' to stop Breitbart's 'great work'

British-born self-styled 'dangerous faggot', 32, has said he was not defending pedophiles and was himself a victim of child abuse

He surfaced on Monday afternoon in New York shortly after issuing his statement to defend himself

The controversy began when a Twitter account, @ReaganBattallion, was used to publish the videos in which Yiannopolous discussed 'inter-generational relationships' and said: 'The whole consent thing is not as black and white as people try and paint it.'

Among his comments, he said: 'People are messy and complex, particularly in the homosexual world.

'Some of those relationships between younger boys and older men, the sort of "coming of age" relationships, the relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are, and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable rock where they can't speak to their parents.'

He also said: 'Pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13 years old who is sexually mature.'

That led to a storm of criticism aimed principally at Simon & Schuster, the publishing house, for his $250,000 book deal - which it canceled on Monday - and the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which had invited him to speak later this week, and which rescinded its invitation on Monday.

Breitbart, his employer, had however stood by him. At his press conference he said that he would not be deterred from carving out a career as a conservative and libertarian provocateur.

In quitting Breitbart, he said he did not want to distract from the site's work. In a statement, he said: 'Breitbart news has stood by me when others caved.

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Steven Satak said...

I was wondering when NAMBLA was gonna come in and queer the whole thing, pardon the pun. You can stand for all the right things, but if your chosen lifestyle includes flamboyant homosexuality, sooner or later it is going to mess things up.