Monday, February 13, 2017

Nothing New Under The Sun

After Robert Reich and others blamed Trump and Milo for the riots, this has come to light:

The NeoFascisti are a) Leftists, not the Right; b) liars - consistent Hillaryesque liars; c) violent in their very souls.

Had the NeoFascists under Hillary won, the violence still would have come to the USA, just in a different form and maybe on a different schedule. Their whole purpose in life is to eliminate the Nietzschean Herd - the Deplorables - to shut it up and shut it down.

They Did Not See That Coming
How Liberals Became the Hate Machine They Warned Us About
Worth a read.

Both Communism and Fascism were and are the ultimate "Social Justice" Class Wars,complete with wealthy crony corruption at the top echelon. I'm betting that today's students (and profs) don't even know who Pol Pot was... although they did mourn the mass murderer, Fidel Castro.

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