Thursday, February 23, 2017

Old Video: Bill Maher Justifies Pedophilia: Audio AND George Takei on His Own Child Molestation (scary and delicious)

Go to 2:20 if you are time impaired:


ShadowWhoWalks said...

It is fair to say that the Left is hypocritical. However that does not address the criticism against Milo. If you criticize the Left for overlooking pedophilia, it doesn't make sense to overlook it on the right.

Stan said...

Actually, I believe Milo was set up with doctored videos. I also believe that he is not a pedophile, that he was "pedophiled" (if that's a word) at the age of thirteen. I believe that he outed three pedophiles, and that he finds pedophilia revolting. I also believe that he remains confused about his part in it, whatever that was.

There have been Republican pedophiles in Congress who acted on their pedophilia by means of contact with young Aides. They were punished suitably and I support that.

I do not support this attack on Milo; it has all the earmarks of a Leftist creation of a "moral" hit, by people who have no morals at all. And I believe it is totally without merit due to lack of credible evidence that Milo supports pedophilia.

ShadowWhoWalks said...

As I said in the other post, that there are some doctored videos doesn't mean everything is a doctored video. You are avoiding the criticism rather than addressing it (if you would like to make an argument that everything is a doctored video, which I assume you don't, that is an other matter).

The issue isn't him being a pedophile or being pro-pedophilia in principle (i.e. supporting all forms of pedophilia), but him making toxic NAMBLA-esque statements that defends, justifies and praises certain forms of pedophilia. Milo continuously praised and defended his abuser, and claimed 13 year olds are perfectly capable of giving consent even to adults, and that such relationships can be a good thing.

"I was a very mature 14-year-old… It wasn’t molestation! It wasn’t molestation, it was perfectly consensual… When I was 14, trust me, I was the predator. I was the predator at 14. I was the instigator. I was chasing everybody. I was aggressively seeking out sexual company of adults because I knew it would horrify people, because I wanted, sort of, power over them, it was my way of rebelling. I was the predator at 14, let me tell you."


Milo also refuses to reveal the identity of his abusers, or the identity of famous Hollywood figures who participate in parties that have drugged-up children getting raped.