Saturday, February 25, 2017

Quick: What's Wrong With This "Logic"?

Desert people evolve to drink water poisoned with deadly arsenic

PEOPLE in a south American desert have evolved to detoxify potentially deadly arsenic that laces their water supply.

For settlers in the Quebrada Camarones region of Chile’s Atacama desert some 7000 years ago, water posed more than a bit of a problem. They were living in the world’s driest non-polar desert, and several of their most readily available water sources, such as rivers and wells, had high levels of arsenic, which can cause a variety of health problems.

1. The people who moved into the region were likely normal humans.
2. The arsenic likely killed off or rendered non-attractive those humans who couldn't handle the Arsenic load.
3. However, some of those people survived, because they weren't as susceptible to arsenic as most.
4. Those people continued to live there and breed.

This is not positive evolution at all, it is negative, an elimination. A portion of the population was removed. There was no organic change, no evolving of anyone at all.

Mutation of a single nucleotide in order to accommodate arsenic is an assertion of directed mutation. That goes directly against evolutionary theory, which accepts no teleological processes whatsoever. Further, there is no indication that the observed mutation actually has anything to do with arsenic.

Declarations of "evolution" are always suspect, especially those that Jump-to-Cause without reason to do so.

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