Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ramping Up The Hate Speech... and Violence

Assassination Dogwhistles: Media Ramps Up Dangerous Rhetoric Against President Trump
This is a list of rhetoric designed to arouse fear and foment.

Black Lives Matter Leader Says White People Are ‘Sub-Human’ and Suffer From ‘Genetic Defects’
And assaults on parties containing top government officials:
Report: Gay NPR commentary contributor charged with assault in Betsy DeVos fracas was a refugee whose family fled the Taliban
Got that? A Leftist media member charged with assault during the "Betsy DeVos" fracas.

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  1. Nothing to do with this post but did you see this:

    Drill, baby drill! Finally getting jobs back! Funny how corrupt Leftists whine that this will increase corruption. They care more about fake news than real jobs for real Americans!


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