Monday, February 20, 2017

The Resistance Will Go Up in the Ball of Flame Which They Ignite

I've been saying this for a long time now.
Why the Resistance Is the Best Thing That's Happened to President Trump
The "you're with us or you're with him" binary approach alienates potential allies.
Here's the problem for the Left with that simplistic mentality: It's who they are. They can't quit being who they are: self-congratulating, self-righteous Class Warriors, intent on saving the world in order to remake it in their own Righteous Image. They have always needed the Victimhood Class to save, and the Oppressor Class to HATE intensely, and they must create their own mental image of being superior in all ways to both classes which are not themselves: they are the priest class, the eternal messiahs.

These are not spiritual messiahs. These are tyrannical, ego maniacal, yet altogether inferior beings who need a false IDENTITY to cover their fake, weak, defective personas. And they know it and rebel against any evidence of it. They must dominate and use, because they cannot succeed on their own merits - they have none. They generate and believe caricatures and cartoons of people they don't know and of Othered peoples in general. They do it incessantly in order to classify their putative minions into the cheap three-class Marxist boxes of their war on culture and humanity. Their currency is righteous hate and Marxist arrogance, and they have plenty. But that's all they have.

That's all they are, all they have, and when they lose it, they lose everything that they are and have. They become hollow shells, voids, without value and without values. They cannot tolerate that loss of self.

That's why they bleat like lambs surrounded by wolves when they are deprived of their influence.

Their desperation is documented by the current drive to impeach (stupidity on display), their calls for assassination (inviting the FBI into their living rooms and computer archives), their cries for violent demonstrations after the pussy hat and vagina girls had no effect on anything. They hire thugs by the hour, and incite the racial hatred industry.

But the volume of their screams and scrums demonstrates their fragility. People of all races are noticing that.

Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump

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