Monday, March 20, 2017

CIA Is Out Of Control, FBI on the Hotseat

NSA Documents Prove Surveillance of Donald Trump & His Family
Bombshell discovery shows targets of NSA's "Project Dragnet"
Caught out, with no pants:
Key Democratic Officials Now Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion
And there's always Comey in the wings:
Comey confronts an angry Congress
The FBI director testifies Monday as members of both parties accuse him of being less than forthcoming about Russia-related probes.
This whole bruhaha originally was FALSE NEWS which turned into a condemnation of the American spook organizations, which report to no one. The Deep State is being inadvertently swept up in Fake News! So let's see: the Donks have revealed their secret allies, by lying about Trump? Way to GO DONKS!



Cole said...

Amazing! Did you see how the FBI and CIA are all trying to deny the allegations. These crooks helped Obama do his shady business. We cannot trust the institutions! That's why the Donald needs to clean house! Make the heads roll and why not take the MSM down with them too. Just look at whiny CNN trying to discredit Trump

Reconquista Initiative said...

Oh come on Stan! I generally agree with you but this is just ridiculous. Comey was clear: there was no wiretap of Trump's tower but yes, there is an investigation going on regarding ties to Russia. Does that change anything? No, because the people elected Trump instead of the even worse crooked Hillary, but let's not go into conspiracy theories fueled by ridiculous news sites such as Infowars... you're better than this!

Comey's words:

Stan said...

The term "wire tap" is interesting. It seems to be a specifically defined term which is used to limit the answer to questions to just one type of surveillance at the exclusion of all others. So the subject of surveillance, including internet connected TVs and appliances is studiously avoided in the answer.

Further Comey refused in his testimony to commit to an internal investigation to find and plug the intelligence leaks. The leaker/felon could be Comey himself for all we know. Regardless, it appears that Comey doesn't care if certain intelligence is obtained and then leaked, both of which are illegal and felonies. And for him NOT to order an investigation constitutes collusion.

The REAL issue is that both the FBI and CIA are immune to any consequences for their actions. So they don't actually report to anyone, at least no one who can control them. The directors cannot be fired, or so it appears. It would take a coup to remove them. That's almost a perfect definition of the deep state.

Reconquista Initiative said...

You don't believe in your own governmental institutions anymore. Traitor.

Stan said...

You may claim either to believe your statement as literal truth, or you may indicate that it is a poor attempt at satire. Which is it?

Reconquista Initiative said...

You've given up on rationality when looking at your government. Progressives are usually the ones who want to break the institutions that have held this country together for centuries now. You're now part of them. Congrats traitor, I mean it. You're not worth my time.

Stan said...

Yes, I get it. You're trying to pretend to be a conservative, but you have made it only to the Leftist cartoon caricature point.

Well, go ahead and spend your time elsewhere - no loss to us here.