Saturday, March 18, 2017

De-Adolescing Millennials

‘Adulting’ classes prove millennials’ nitwit parents are to blame
I'm skeptical. If being an adult is not seen as an intuitively obvious set of small realities and requirements, then will a $20 class help? Or is this just to scam a little cash of the parents' pockets as they try to rid themselves of their permanent parasites in the basement? Or maybe it's just a funny concept...


Zach said...

As if all millennials were like that... you're such am idiot.

Steven Satak said...

That's right, 'Zach'. Just throw that out, add an insult and a spelling error and you're done. Right? Now you know why millennials like you are held in contempt. You have no clue, no class, no sense of humor and a titanic ego that is based on 140-character quips.

No wonder you're so easily categorized. You all sound exactly the same.