Friday, March 31, 2017

Eradicate This Useless Bureaucracy!

DEA Seized $4 Billion From People Since 2007. Most Were Never Charged with a Crime
A new government watchdog report finds the DEA grabs cash just for the sake of grabbing cash, raising civil liberties concerns.
End the war on drugs: legalize and allow the marketing of drugs to adults, just like alcohol. When anyone provides drugs to children, Life in prison without parole, or death. When anyone commits a crime on drugs gets life or death, depending upon the crime. Or send them to Singapore for a good caning. Build the wall. Maybe one on the Canadian border too, who knows what they'll do next.

That ends the drug war. That ends the government graft based on drug war profits. That ends the $billions of taxpayer money wasted on pogroms without results. That ends prison overcrowding. That ends the unbalanced racial prison population.


Steven said...

This is something I agree with, but the corporate prison complex won't allow it. Have you heard of the documentary The 13th? It covers a lot regarding this issue and how the government has been in bed with private prisons for decades, from Reagan to Clinton, and others, to force laws to remain as strict as possible and applied as harshly as possible, in order to keep the prison population high. Especially bad for Black teens who are more prone to being arrested under these drug laws.

Robert Coble said...

If there is a "cash cow" being milked by the government, they will bet YOUR last dollar that the program will not be curtailed in any way.