Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Having Trouble Getting Recognition From the SPLC

The Southern Poverty Law Center, aka SPLC, aka lying hate mongers for Leftist causes, did not list either me or this blog, after I reported myself and requested to be added to their list. Here's a copy of my request today:
I am very disappointed not to find myself on your hateful list after reporting myself a few weeks ago. I again request that you add me and my blog to your hateful list.
I shall add this further damning information, should the SPLC decide to monitor the site: I am cis-white, cis-male, fully educated well before the Gramscian march through the institutions, not a Democrat, not a RINO, not an Atheist.

There. That should do it. Non-Leftist tribal identity should do the trick.


Kirk said...

Oh so your blog is just a joke. Alright, I got fooled... thanks.

Steven Satak said...

If that doesn't get you on their Hate list, nothing will.

Man, just when you thought belonging to the Patriarchy and being a privileged white hetero male had its privileges...

What good is all that if it can't get you on the Hate List?!

Steven Satak said...

Go away, Kirk. From what I saw here, fooling you did not take a lot of effort.

Stan said...

Kirk is a waste of my valuable time. Or was a waste.
Kirk is removed from commenting here.

Steven Satak said...

He, she or it will be back under another 'nym, you can be sure. It has no life that I am aware of, and is in awe of only one thing - itself.