Sunday, March 5, 2017

If Donkeys Had Moral Principles, They Wouldn't Be Donkeys

Moral Outrage Sounds Pretty Empty When Coming From Donkeys.


Red said...

More comic strips for you

Stan said...

Red, Thanks. But I prefer comics that attack real events rather than fake events and individuals.

If you'd like, we could take cartoons from opposing sources and analyze them for truth value vs false meme generation.

You go first, OK? Pick one of your cartoons and one of the cartoons posted here, and we'll analyze them. Should be interesting.

Red said...

Indeed, comics deserve the political analysis you request.
Here, I will go first:
This is a metaphor for the news source you used to find your prefered cartoons appealing. The deep meaning behind the video explains the implications of getting information from said sources. This applies to places like Breibart, Infowars, Redstate, etc

Stan said...

A music video?? That's your analytical process? You actually say nothing with any content here. And you are not referring to any of the cartoons from either of our references. So you have either erred significantly, or changed the subject entirely, or are just changing the goalposts for your own convenience in order to escape from the analysis altogether.

If you want to discuss the validity of your news sources, then go ahead and vouch for their accuracy and completeness as well as objectivity, using data, of course. Unless the MSM deference to all things leftist while spewing hatred about the Deplorables is too obvious so that even you cannot hide the bias, lies, lies of omission, political fealty to the Left/Hillary, etc. BTW, the recent MSM "outreach" to the "middle Americans" is laughable. They can't even talk straight to real people.

But go ahead, we'll see how that turns out for you.

Red said...

LOL you don't know what being rick rolled means??

Welcome to the internet circa 2007!