Sunday, March 5, 2017

Loretta Lynch and Democrats Blatantly Race-Bait For Street Violence

She'll get what she wants, no doubt about it. Summer's coming.
Loretta Lynch: Need more marching, blood, death on streets
Senate Dems post her impassioned plea on Facebook page as 'words of inspiration'

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Steven Satak said...

That's... insane. I mean, they don't even care if we see it anymore.

Weird. On the one hand, it's like they think they are surrounded by some magical force field that will protect them from the violence they are inciting. As though firmly believing there's one set of rules for them and another for everyone else is actually a physical reality that everyone buys.

On the other hand, words are all they have and at some level, I think they know it. So they make more and more grandiose, inflammatory statements - protected by the First Amendment, of course - and wait for some addled fool with a rifle and an NRA membership to take a shot. Doesn't matter if they miss the target, the damage is done as the entire Left goes into full victim mode and screams even louder (if that is possible) about how they'll save us all from the Nazis.

If we'll just hand over everything. Because Uncle Joe always DID know what was best for us.

Meanwhile, the mask is off. The ruthlessness of our opponents is only what you expect of people who *defend* the killing of the unborn as a matter of 'rights'. Their religion worships one thing, though they would deny it is a religion and deny the existence of their idol if confronted in public.

And in a religious war, anything goes except reason.