Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pick The One That Has Actual Evidence...


Ryan said...

You know why this is really funny? It's because the left one is something the freaking POTUS said, an absurd claim by one of the most powerful man in the world, someone who should know better. And on the right side? It's an inaccurate representation of what the media actually reported: Russia got involved in the election and has possibly compromised Trump. It does not mean the election was rigged; you will not find any credible sources saying that. Goes to show how blind you are to the facts! Sheeeeeep!

Stan said...

You have made claims of having facts as follows:
1. a) The assertion of your possession of factual evidence that the court approval the second request to tap Trump is false, and the tap never occurred; b) Trump was implicated in the Russian involvement.
2. The media had irrefutable factual evidence that the Russians were involved in the election process in the USA... which they did not get from a non-existant phone tap, even though they released Trump's calls to foreign state leaders.

These claims you made as open ended facts in your possession. Until you provide the absolute, demonstrable proof for your presumption of having such knowledge, we can be assured that you are not really in possession of anything more than the standard, false Leftist media hype. Such hype is fully expected by a cultural subset which has dedicated itself to the destruction of the president and his government.

When it comes to direct statements, the MSM is given over to snarky innuendo, which is intended to politically sway the ignorant, and mollify the Leftist True Believer. When the MSM is consumed by innuendo rather than hard fact, it is not a purveyor of truth. It is a partisan enemy. You are a partisan who is standing against the average American.

That much is obvious. You don't talk fact, even though you claim facts.

Your last single word sentence designates you as a juvenile, probably a 7th grader. At that age it is easy to swallow the MSM pap.

So I suggest that you provide irrefutable, demonstrable facts to support your arrogant position. If you have such facts, the FBI/CIA/NSA complex wants to speak to you, I'm sure. But of course, you don't.