Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sit Back and Enjoy...

...The End of the World...for Liberals
Read it all, there.

With their cramped mental safe spaces suddenly flooded with the blinding light of reason, the AtheoLeft can no longer hide behind their dictatorship of utopia-by-force. The unanticipated new champion of light is unencumbered by any fealty, and is the death knell to the Left's false "moral authority". The Left has no case to make any more, so violence is the remaining path, one previously taken by previous generations of Democrats (Secession of Democrats producing Civil War I; Jim Crow and the KKK; Bombing and killing by 60's Leftists; and now the BLM/antifas Jackboots). The viciousness of the cornered rat which will die regardless.

Of course, the viciousness will draw blood. And the utopia-by-force crowd will never die off completely, never really go away, never cease pursuit of their intended hegemony... unless they are so completely marginalized that they cannot influence many more into their darkness.

That will likely be the cultural and governing program of the next few years. The more pressure on their tightly lidded minds, the more violence they will produce. The more violence they produce, the more military-type pressure placed on them. Rinse, repeat, until they collapse, and civility returns to the general population.

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Steven Satak said...

This assumes our new President survives his first year. And I don't mean just politically, either. When the Left finally realizes the lies aren't working, the doublethink isn't going over and that this is not going to change until Trump, the focus of all their misery, is gone...

Well, some snowflake will take it upon him or herself to engage in Lefist jihad, and become a martyr. Sooner or later they are going to get lucky. Let's hope it's later.