Sunday, March 19, 2017

SPLC: Republicans Are White Supremacist Hate Group

Hate Group Defines a New Hate Group:
Republicans are America’s white-nationalist party now; Senators propose ‘NO HATE Act’; KKK rally planned in Asheboro; and more.

Foreign Policy: The GOP has become America’s white-nationalist party, as racists once confined to fringes take charge.
It's good to make their list; they list everyone who is NOT Leftist, One-Worlder, Marxist dictatorship oriented.


Artemis said...

Trump is killing what's left of the GOP. It sucks that so many people will suffer because of his irrational decisions, but we'll get over it.

Stan said...

That's really quite funny. ALL the evidence is still in Trump's favor: the Trump tower was, in fact, bugged by the Obama adiministration, and Trump's name was on the warrant obtained by the Obama Administration which enabled the bugging and wiretapping.

Further, the Wikileaks dump last week showed conclusively that the CIA has the ability to feign Russian fingerprints on its hacks and taps. Notice how silent the shrieking shrews of the Left have been ever since the Wikileaks revelation. It's obvious what happened, and it doesn't involve Russians.

When the truth comes out, it's always bad news for the Leftists, both in the media and in the Democrat Party of Tribalization, Racism, Corruption and Treason.

Steven Satak said...

I love how their 'nym always links back to some non-existent site or to another Leftist screed.

You'd think they would link back to the Constitution or something, but no. I think it's the same numps sitting in his mother's basement, posting under a variety of 'nyms, every day.

What a waste of a life.

Frank said...

The truh is always, always, against Leftists. They know it, they choose to reject it. They embrace lies and nonsense thinking.