Sunday, March 19, 2017

They Always Bite

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Steven Satak said...

Isn't that the truth? The Left, wrapped up in its own assumption of intellectual and moral superiority, responds exactly the same way, every single time, to the President's tweet-bait.

Every time. It's positively Pavlovian. Recently, a friend of mine and I attended a baby shower. He became irritated at a 'topper' who, despite being the host, just had to be 'the smartest man in the room'.

"How do you outsmart someone who makes out that he is smarter than you? All the time? All he does is make witty, sometimes nasty remarks and always disagrees with whatever you say. It's annoying."

I said in reply "If a late guest showed up who really was smarter than our host, what do you think he would sound like?"

We determined that the new fellow would refuse to take the baiting of our host, and not even play the same game. Yet somehow the host would always come off as second best. He would either caught out in an error or a lie, or the subject under disagreement would be clearly understood by all in the room as trivial and certainly not worth creating hard feelings in the guests.

I don't know. I just let the fellow ramble - it was his house, after all. But the thing that made us sore was this guy was using a baby shower - a celebration - to feed his ego on us. And that turned out to be his biggest weakness.