Friday, March 3, 2017

Tribal Pain of the Globalists

Out of Many, Many

In contrast, democrats acted as if they were the subjects of an execution. The impression of comical petulance was so vivid I doubt it will be completely removed before Rachel Madow completes his transition to a woman.

The party, and liberals in general, are now so far out in their elliptical orbit that they openly sulk at prospects of advancement for the very people they nominally represent. If Trump consciously planned to put this on display, he was quite astute. Knowing democrats were committed to snarl at everything, he filled his speech with prospects of uplift for American citizens, and made Dems choose whether to show love for them or hate for him. They chose poorly.

American jobs: booo
American borders: booo
American babies: blech

Liberals are bound-up in their own box. Relentless hostility to whites has so saturated the movement that it stains everything in contact, including their own political viability. Because America is whiter than the vast majority of foreign states, it can not be held by the left in higher hope or regard than others for fear of implicit solidarity with oppressors. Thus they are obliged to conspicuously suck lemons every time the American president expresses positive aspirations for the American people. Democrats have successfully cornered themselves into open opposition to their own country. Well done, lunatics.

But no matter how awkward its present position, the left knows its demographic seeds will eventually bloom. And at that point, the right can spectacularly speechify to absolutely no effect whatsoever. Diversity doesn’t vote republican.

I continue to hope Trump realizes this. As I’d prefer to keep my own destiny unshared with Luanda.


Greg said...

Tone-deaf, you really are in an echi chamber here, filled with hate and nonsense

Stan said...

Oh gee, I'm just distraught that you don't like the principles of the US Constitution, the concepts of Americans getting jobs, the idea that countries have borders and laws, and the knowledge that Democrats are historically the party of racism, slavery, Jim Crow, KKK, welfare plantations, and BLM racist violence. But I'm glad that you remembered to use the Leftist code-word, "hate"; that signals who you are, just so we know. You hate those who are not from your tribe. that means the Deplorables, of which there are a great many, most of us armed and not afraid of you, or your hate filled "hate" denigration.

Go in peace.