Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When Your Morals Are A Huge Void

This is what results...


Billy said...

Who cares? There's nothing evil in that picture, just weird but so what? That's the problem with Conservatives, they judge based on emotions, and thus cannot see the difference between weird and hurtful, between liberty and chaos, between progress and regress.


Stan said...

Spoken like a true follower of no particular morality, save the diktat of your own particular preferences at the moment. When you make the rules, then you see only what you want to see. But you don't really make the rules.

You think that you decide what is hurtful, what is chaos, and what is regress. But in fact, everything the Left does is regressive.

By tending toward the tyranny of the Nietzschean Will To Power, the Left regresses to dictatorship. The evidence is clear and cannot be falsified except by deception.

By tending toward censorship and hatred of free speech, the Left regresses toward mental and intellectual repression. The evidence is clear and cannot be falsified except by deception.

By redefining stability as "chaos", the Left regresses toward destruction of language as communication of fixed, factual concepts. The evidence is clear and cannot be falsified except by deception.

By blinding themselves to the regression of the Left toward Dark Ages tribalism, the Left doesn't even recognize its own regression away from social liberty and into regressive Class War against those who disagree with their regressive policies.

The Leftist Marxist Class War is a tribalist war declared by the Left on the sane population of the world, which the Left means to replace with arrogant yet ignorant "useful idiots" who are of the same utopian-messianic mentality as the useful idiots of the 1930's. Those useful idiots also were Marxist Tribalist Class Warriors who were determined to shut down the west so that they could be just like the USSR under Lenin and Stalin.

Leftist Marxists cannot persuaded out of their self-imposed blindness by empirical facts or Aristotelian logic. But they can be decried and derided. And they should be.

Billy said...

I am not a Leftist, I am a Liberal, learn the difference.

Stan said...

I'd say that your condescending arrogance matches the Leftist use of the term,
"liberal", and not the now-antiquated use of the term "Classical Liberal". However, you may call yourself whatever you wish as you pursue membership in the Leftist Class structure.

And if that's your only response, then I guess we're done here, because you have nothing of actual value to contribute, as witnessed by the lack of any value in your comments so far.

Billy said...

Oh no, some blogger is calling me names and thinks his self-righteous ass deserves sensible contributions.

You're the one who posted a giant pink penis with nothing more than a comment on how this shows a void of morality. There is nothing to talk about. You made a stupid point, I replied to it, now get over it.

Stan said...

You had your chance. You're done here.

Steven Satak said...

I have seen that stuff in Japan when I was stationed there. I wouldn't call it a moral void, but rather a leftover of Shintoism.

Man, that Billy was a piece of work. Thanks for ditching him. He blanked out the 'nym link, so I am guessing it is one of our 'friends' back to relieve their boredom again.

I like how they keep changing their 'nym link. As if we can't find out where they are posting from.

Stan said...

Hm. I'm not a student of Shitoism. Why is huge pink pecker idol worship not a moral void?

Robert Coble said...

Link: At the Penis Festival in Japan, size is important

You'll have to translate the page; it's in Japanese. I found it using Google Image Search.

I'll admit it: I laughed when I saw the typo "Shitoism" in your comment, especially in light of this quote by a priest {presumably Shinto] at the Shinto shrine:

Outside its folkloric character, the Kawasaki Festival, a residential locale near Tokyo, has a pedagogical function, explains Hiroyuki Nakamura, a priest at the local Shinto shrine.

"If children get used to seeing their genitals, they will not be afraid when they see yours," he says. [WHO KNEW?!?]

"The people come to pray for good fortune and ask the gods to protect them. The festival has an element rooted in the past, but it continues to play an important role in modern society," he says.

It tells how slow that during the Edo Era (1603-1868), a sharp-edged demon living in a woman's vagina castrated several men during their wedding night. A blacksmith then created a kind of metal console to break the demon's teeth.

Today a three-foot-tall steel phallus adorns the courtyard of the Kanayama shrine in honor of the Shinto deities of fertility, conception and protection of sexually transmitted diseases.

Funds raised from sales of phallic products will go to research on AIDS.

Steven Satak said...

I was wrong, it isn't Shintoism, it's Buddhist.

And apparently, the work 'hodare' means 'male genitals' and 'the ripening of rice plants'. Different celebration, same equipment.

They were doing this when I was there in the mid-1980s. I was somewhat embarrassed by it, but hey.