Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Your Brain on Leftism

From Instapundit:
LEFTISM MAKES YOU STUPID: Student union bans Conservative society from speaking out – because they challenged its position on free speech.
A student union has banned a university Conservative society from using its social media accounts – because they challenged its position on free speech.

Lincoln University’s Conservative Society has been censored by its student union after it posted an image online showing that the university had been ranked “very intolerant” on free speech in a recent survey.

In response, the Students’ Union swiftly suspended the society’s social media accounts, on the grounds that highlighting the university’s ranking had brought it into disrepute.

However, the decision has been met with widespread derision from social media users and Lincoln MP Karl McCartney, who said that union officials should be “ashamed”.

“This intolerant, illiberal and totalitarian response is akin to something out of the Soviet Union or North Korea rather than a place for learning and debate,” he said.
Like I said, leftism makes you stupid. Or maybe stupid people become leftists. Chicken, egg.
In the all new Post Truth culture, there is no truth so nothing can be either true or false. It's all just mush. And mushy thinkers can't be wrong, right?


Steven Satak said...

Stan, I think Arthur is spoofing what he thinks a Conservative is like.

We don't need real bigots, never mind Leftist sock puppets. Would you please purge this clown?

Steven Satak said...

Thank you.