Thursday, April 6, 2017

Another "Challenge to Quantum Particle Theory"

New research into light particles challenges understanding of quantum theory
This challenges only the idea that photons are both particles AND energy. Under Quantum Field Theory (not the Copenhagen "understanding") the confusion disappears, because there are no hard particles to be split, and thus there is no spatial issue involved. In other words, creating two balls of energy which are separately located is different from creating one hard particle, breaking it in two pieces and then moving at least one of them to a separate location.

This is one more tiny bit of evidence that reality has no particles at all at the quantum level. There are instead balls of field energy which have undefined boundaries, being formed in some sort of gaussian distribution in three dimensions (that we know of). That's how the dual-slit phenomenon is explained, and it eliminates the paradox of Schrodinger's dead/live cat in the box. If you ever wondered how they knew that the equation "collapsed" upon observation when they couldn't observe prior to that - by definition(!), well, it explains that too: there was no equation collapse. (There is, however, a field collapse).

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