Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cause and Effect... and Reversion to the Mean

Students who avoid making eye contact could be guilty of racism, Oxford University says
Gen Z ridicules Leftist teachers: How the Left Blew their Entire Racist Load
Has the pendulum reached peak Leftism?
Have We Already Reached Peak Leftism?

"In short, the bad news for us is that the Left dominates the cultural high ground. The good news is that they’ve gone about as far as they can go.

Those 90-95 percent levels of ideological uniformity are as high as you can achieve without the actual imposition of censorship. Indeed, within these fields, you can often observe some of the psychology of a dictatorship: a cloying groupthink in which ideological enforcers police the slightest deviation and dissenters feel that they have to hide their true views if they want to keep their jobs. But without the ability to use actual force to suppress dissenters, the Left cannot go any farther.

Yet you can see why the Left would like to get rid of those last few holdouts, because they provide the germ for a resurgence of heretical views. And that is what should absolutely terrify the Left: the prospect of reversion to the mean."
Personally, I am encouraged by the great millenial battle at Berkeley. There appear to be enough free speech advocates amongst millennials that they more than balanced the Antifa - Democrats' KKK of the 21st century - and gave them an embarrassing thumping and rout. This is not the stuff of cultural change, of course, but it is an indicator that the entire millennial generation was not captured by education's Leftist indoctrination. And perhaps GenZ is a further glimmer of hope.

Perhaps the largest Leftist internal non-coherence breaks the spell for rational people: the Left insists on a world that is non-racist, and then tells whites that they are genetically racist. This is eliminationist on its face, and too far into the muck to be redeemed. By declaring war on whites, the Left has withdrawn into a minority position. Even though there are obviously some white SJWs who are against whites, many of the non-white minorities will see the totalitarian viciousness of this (final) race war by the Democrat/Leftist Marxists.

It's still a most interesting time to be alive... and awake, not woke.

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