Saturday, April 8, 2017

First Female President, 2024?


Xellos said...

No, Stan. It's time for USA to stop pretending to be global police while actually waging wars for oil. (In this case, pipeline from Iran vs pipeline from Saudi Arabia, plus being aligned with Russia.)

Independent journalist in Syria speaks about this and other things happening there.

Stan said...

So Trump's fallen for a false flag? Or is he part of the Illuminati now. There's no Google record of the British Journalist involved, so what's up? Is Hillary calling the shots from exile? Enquiring minds want to know!

Steven Satak said...

C'mon, Xellos. You aren't so busy that you can't take some time to support those statements. Of course it is about oil. Are you some kind of rube that you didn't know that? And by 'rube', I mean you assumed that (a) the rest of us didn't know that and (b) it makes any kind of damned difference. Are you going to stand by and watch a rape when you have a shotgun in your hands? Really? Tell me more, please. Because that's where the US has been for a long time, morally. And since we're the cop, why shouldn't our position in the world be made more secure? Who else is gonna freaking do it?

It's about trade, and getting along, and avoiding war, and at the end of the day everyone gets to go home and put their feet up and sip some coffee and talk to their wife in low tones. Except, you know, for the fucks who thought it was a good idea to nerve gas their own civilian population. Fuck them. Those guys gotta suffer.