Friday, April 28, 2017

Git Dem White Dudes - We Want What Dey Gots!

The racists march through the institutions:
Senior Lawyers Demand ‘Difficult and Unpopular’ Actions to Replace White Males in Judiciary

"The all-party group said “positive action” must be taken to increase the share of women and ethnic minorities in the judiciary, stating: “‘Merit’ can all too easily become a vehicle for unconscious bias.”


"Noting the majority of supreme court judges will be replaced over the next three years, Coomber said there is now an “unprecedented opportunity” to “change swiftly the demographic composition of [Britain’s] senior judiciary”.

Justice recommends setting ambitious “targets with teeth” for courts deemed to lack sufficient numbers of women or ethnic minorities, the “teeth” meaning that there would be obligations to monitor and report on progress.

The report said: “If there is persistent failure to meet targets over the next decade, strong consideration should be given to introducing quotas.

“Structural change – not tinkering – is required if the complexion of the bench is to really change.”"
When merit is considered as the criterion, it works against the inferiors. So the inferiors insist that merit is evil. What is needed is inferior judges, because: skin color; crotch furniture.

White guys need to identify as black-hispanic, gender-squishy, trans-Muslims, genetically-impaired Marxists. The Left couldn't argue with that.

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