Sunday, April 16, 2017

How Can We Miss Them If They Won't Go Away?

Break away from the USA? The effort to cleave California faces its own split

In short, the effort to cleave California faces a crackup of its own.

At least four proposals are floating about to reshape the state in some fashion, including two that would split up California along different axes. All work at cross-purposes, and the result is varied degrees of hostility among proponents; none of the plans seems likely to reach fruition anytime soon, if ever.

That is something they have in common.

Since 1849, when the state was remade in a rush of greed and ambition, there have been more than 200 efforts to split apart, pull away or otherwise reimagine the vast empire known as California. Not one has succeeded.

The latest, most conspicuous attempt, a proposed ballot initiative fueled by anti-Trump sentiments and titillated national media coverage (those wacky Californians!) seems destined to fall short of qualifying for the ballot, barring a sudden change in fortune.
Maybe if we all showed up posing as Illegals and signed their petitions they could get this going. They keep promising to leave, but they're STILL HERE. Go ahead folks, button up your borders and keep your illegals.

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