Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Latest on Syria/Sarin

April 11@10:18 AM • Bridget Johnson

NEWS: National Security Council officials just held a background briefing with reporters on the declassified intel assessment of last week's chemical attack on Khan Shaykhun, Syria. Full story coming soon, but a few takeaways:

Sarin confirmed as the nerve agent used via testing on victims as well as symptoms. Secondary responders also suffered exposure symptoms.

Su-22s from Shayrat airfield dropped the sarin on Khan Shaykhun; conventional weapons were dropped about six hours later on hospital treating sarin victims - "no comment" from officials on if Russia did latter.

No ISIS or other terrorists in area have sarin (just mustard gas) - attack was "not a terrorist holding of sarin or a terrorist use of sarin"

WH official on if Russia, present at airfield, knew of sarin attack: "We don't have information on that per se... still looking into that." Adding: "We do think that it is a question worth asking" Russians how they were with Syrian forces at airfield "and did not have knowledge" of the attack in planning/prep stages.

"Leakage inconsistent" with Russians saying sarin came from opposition stocks on ground - "we don't see a building with that chemical residue"

On Syria hoax conspiracy theories: Body of evidence "too massive" for anyone to fabricate. Official added that videos released of attack did correspond with that date, time, location.


Steve said...

Good, you did not agree with your buddy Alex Jones for one

Stan said...

Here's the problem. The airstrike seems irrationally based, given the (very limited) body of evidence we have. It is now admitted that Ivanka's passions upon seeing photos of children influenced the decision at least somewhat. It is not sensible that Assad would use gas for no real reason, dumping a cannister on a road with the very light breeze carrying it across a large field. The photos indicate that the crater and cannister were manipulated by people who were extremely inadequately dressed for such toxins. The condition of the cannister - if that in the photo was the actual cannister - indicates that a second, external explosive crushed it, yet there is no sign of fragments of that explosive.

There is much here in the way of visual evidence to indicate that this was a false flag. It is likely that we will never know for certain.

I suspect that there will be a spook lead, FBI/CIA/NSA, in the future that will say that the evidence is in favor of the False Flag as the culprit, not Assad. If so, then the photos of the children would likely be frauds, too. But the spooks are out to get Trump, so that release might be a fraud, itself.

We can't know for sure, perhaps ever.

I don't spend much time with Alex Jones. Except when he makes the news, himself.

Steve said...

Not much time with Alex Jones? You directly or indirectly refer to Infowars all the time!?

Xellos said...

After all, when have US intel agencies ever lied...

MIT professor's assessment of an intelligence report

Stan said...

When I do go to Alex Jones, I already know what he's going to say. You must spend a lot of time with ol' Alex yourself... or at least pretend to.

Steve said...

LOL that's even worse then! You think like him when he just admitted in court that he is just a joke, an actor, who is not to be taken seriously!

Stan said...

I didn't say that I think like him, did I. You are not paying attention, you are here just to make stupid look like a higher form of life.

Let's assume that you have something rational to say: why not say that instead of the crap you are spouting.

Steve said...

No I am saying you do think like him. You post the same conspiracy BS. You endorse his ideas, never debunk them.