Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Life and Death in the 21st Century

Transgender woman who 'suffered a broken penis when her lover had a heart attack and DIED during sex' sues the man's wife for damages
Jennifer, who is transgender and still has her male genitalia, claimed defendant Sylvia hired her to sleep with her husband, Miguel, on his 60th birthday

But while she was having sex with him, Miguel had a heart attack and died

Jennifer sued Sylvia for £16,000, claiming Miguel broke her penis when he died

She said that she was still inside of Miguel when he collapsed and died
So Jennifer was actually having male homosexual sex with the man whose wife hired her/him to have sex with her homosexual husband who died, breaking Jennifer's penis. There. I think I've got it. Jennifer is a transgender female who is also a male homosexual. The question then becomes, why does she care if her penis is broken, being a newly minted female and all? Is she going to have it repaired? Or removed? And is Jennifern really a transgender female if she gets erections? Need a lot more information.


Steven Satak said...

In this case, LESS information is certainly appreciated.

Stefani Monaghan said...

"Need a lot more information."

No. What you're looking for is coherence, because you are enslaved by outdated, patriarchal, transphobic notions of non-contradiction which were imposed on Western Civilization by a bunch of dead white males.

Stan said...

Yes. Yes, I see now. Simultaneously being a faux female and being an active male homosexual is diversity. Diversity is the opposite of coherence, and is a moral principle to boot. So coherence is evil.

Good insight!

And because diversity is a moral principle, the morality cannot be sullied by immoral thought (diverse thinking); the morality must be maintained as a coherent principle.

So Leftists maintain non-coherence for everything except their moral pronouncements, which are held coherent and True.

That's because of the grounding provided by the unique moral authority of the Left, which obviously derives from their personal perfection in their elitism, superiority, and evolution beyond that of the herd.

Steven Satak said...

Ah, I see. Stan is looking for coherence because: Leftist fairy stories.

Got it. You do realize that none of that is true, don't you? You just made it up. I noticed this, you see. Did you do that because you're lazy, emotionally-driven or just another drive-by Leftist? Or are you a sockpuppet out for an afternoon stroll?

Injecting Leftist twaddle does your credibility no good. Not that you care, of course.