Saturday, April 8, 2017

Looks Like I Swallowed Some Kool-Ade. Hak Kaff Choke.

This is correct of course:
Gator [Commented at Kakistocracy]

A further thought. We, as in the US govt, are committed to the “Assad gassed a bunch of children” narrative from this point forward. We have now crossed the Rubicon of killing people in the name of this narrative. No matter what evidence becomes available in the coming days, it will be ignored, suppressed, and denied. The Trump admin will finally be on the same page as the MSM and Deep State, and between them they will bury any notion that there exists the possibility that they were wrong. We, as a country, are committed now.

Also, ponder for a moment the absurdity of it all. This proves that elections really don’t matter. Despite that fact that Trump was elected to prevent this type of nonsense from happening, here we are. Despite his insistence in 2013 that attacking Syria would be a blunder of momentous proportions, he went ahead and did it.
Let's see. Haven't repealed ObamaCare. In a war with Syria. Hillary still not in orange. Rumors of Jared's dealing with Soros.

If elections don't matter, then the USA doesn't matter. If the USA doesn't matter, then what? Really. Then what??

If this turns out to be fake news, a false flag op by the rebs, and Trump bought it and acted on it, then maybe he's been fed fake intel - or contrarily, maybe we elected a kabuki who is one of them.

Most interesting politics evah.

Note to self: Don't blog on no sleep.


Steven Satak said...

Look at all the things that have to be true for this fool's prophecy of doom to have any meaning:

- They didn't use poison gas.

- No one actually died.

- Americans don't really think that gassing people is a bad thing.

- It is still possible, with this much exposure, for the government to magically erase, and deny erasing, such a mistake. This, despite Wikileaks ad all the rest.

- Trump suddenly appears to be the best actor in the world, and having successfully fooled most people who voted for him, is now committed to destroying American at home and abroad as much and and often as he can.


Third rule of Social Justice Warriors (and everyone else who hates Trump):


Substitute Obama's name for Trump's and you will see that what this fool Gator is describing is something Obama HAS ALREADY DONE. It is what HE would do, given the power and the opportunity. And because it is extremely unlikely, he pushes it hard. Because it's always easier to sell the big lie.

People just don't believe you could make shit like that up. So they assume it must be true.

Anonymous on purpose, because it doesn't matter said...

You're such a moron, but perhaps, just perhaps, you'll soon realize how much of a con artist Trump was. You were fooled. Most Americans know it already. Hopefully you'll figure it out too. Good luck.

Stan said...

Trump was hired by the USA to be the destructor. That, he has done. He destroyed the billionaire-suck-ups in the primaries. First job: done. He kept Hillary out of the White House and buried the Dems, who revived as BLM racists: Second job: done. He kicked off the Wall: Job 3: done. He reined in the EPA: Job 4: done. He put a conservative constitutionalist on the USC: Job 4: done. He stopped excessive regulation: Job 5: done.

So, roughly 80 days in, he's doing very well.

BUT: He promised to stay out of Syria. He did not. Serious mistake. Will he recover? Or will he be pulled into the mire?

The question is: Why. Why did he fall into the old pattern of policing the world?

It is still not apparent what happened in Syria. Did Assad bomb a rebel gas manufacturing plant? Did Assad use gas himself? Is the whole gas-thing a false flag?

But here's what seems real: Before Trump, the Donks and O drew the red line which Assad crossed, with no consequences, except for the USA arming rebels and by extension, ISIS. Now the Donks seem to think that Assad is the local hero, fighting ISIS and all. And again by extension, side with Russia and Iran.

Because they have no morality, the Donks can flip or flop on a second's notice, with no sense of contradiction or irrationality. When Trump flips, though, they crow like little cocks of the walk, as if a mortal sin has been revealed.

That's what is real.

Steven Satak said...

Stan, will you for pity's sake roll your mouse over the guy's 'nym? He's another sockpuppet. I thought you were going to block people like that. It's the same thing every time. Nonsense name, links to a non-existent site or to nothing at all, starts things off with an insult. Same nihilistic teenage crap.

I know you need the traffic so you have someone to riff off of, but this is getting silly.