Saturday, April 22, 2017

More on the Antifa 100 scalps chick

Filthy Antifa Whore Lies

"Normally, I wouldn’t call someone a Filthy Antifa Whore (FAW). However, since Moldylocks, who was shown getting punched out at this weekend’s Berkeley protests by some dude everyone claims is a fascist/racist/neo-nazi/somethingorother, is a nasty, unwashed, slovenly sow, and since she did, in fact, demonstrate riot, throw bottles, and assault people at a rally for a President whom she apparently does not like, and since there are photos of said skank on the Internet..."
Ok, you gotta go there for the full treatment. She has photos from all angles, as if most folks were there for the photo-fun. FAW, indeed.

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Stefani Monaghan said...

I by no means intend to defend this girl, but I'm afraid from what I've seen the evidence presented doesn't support the claims being made against her. From the page you've linked to, for example, the caption under one photo reads "...throwing glass bottles at innocent people all day". And yet no photo or video I've yet seen shows her doing anything except holding a single bottle. Now I've no doubt she intended to use the one bottle she was holding as a weapon or projectile, but throwing "bottles" (plural) "all day long"? I don't see that she got the chance to throw even one.

And the photo in which the blogger claims she is "viciously attacking" the blue-shirted guy is from a video which clearly shows her raising her hands to deflect him. Again, a second or two before fist met face she is seen bouncing around like a boxer and stepping *toward* the action as if she were looking for some opening to get physical. But I've seen nothing indicating she specifically threatened her attacker.

Yes, she was Antifa. Yes, she talked sh*t on Instagram. Yes, she was holding a bottle. Yes, it's possible she would have committed violence if the chance had presented it, but I have yet to see evidence of her actually committing a violent act, or that justifies Blue Shirt hitting her.

On the other hand she claimed in her interview that she was thrown down multiple times and kneed repeatedly in the forehead. I also see no evidence corroborating those claims.

I'm simply trying to be objective.