Sunday, April 2, 2017

STEM 4 Gurls

Feminist Researcher: STEM Classes Should Be Made 'Less Competitive' to Attract Women

One actual line from Parson’s paper reads:

“There is an opportunity for STEM courses to reduce the perception of courses as difficult and unfriendly through language use in the syllabi, and also as a guide for how to use less competitive teaching methods and grading profiles that could improve the experience of female students.”
About that, Timpf is right to observe:
“In other words, women are so fragile that a syllabus with ‘unfriendly’ language would be enough to scare them out of pursuing the careers they would otherwise want to pursue. Men can handle taking a course even if a syllabus makes it sound ‘difficult,’ but women cannot because they are weaker and less confident.”
Just give them degrees upon enrollment as Frosh. Avoid the pain altogether, for the guys that is. No feminazis in class to deal with.

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