Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Leftist Cathedral Wants Journalist Burned at the Stake


In the column, Stephens never states that he believes climate change is a farce. He simply asserts that people should look at claims from both supporters and deniers, in the attempt to get all the facts.
The freakout of the Times‘ core readers is reminiscent of the famous moment when the late Julian Simon debated an earlier iteration of hard left religious zealots:
Simon, the economist who was legendarily skeptical about environmental doom, once posed a question at an environmental forum: “How many people here believe that the earth is increasingly polluted and that our natural resources are being exhausted?” Almost every hand shot up. He then said, “Is there any evidence that could dissuade you?” There was no response, so he asked again, “Is there any evidence I could give you—anything at all—that would lead you to reconsider these assumptions?” Again, no response. Simon concluded, “Well, excuse me. I’m not dressed for church.”
Ed Driscoll at Instapundit
The Left has fully mobilized as the MESSIAH Class, and has "legitimized" any sort of violence and eliminationism as the MORAL response to the Oppressors who would harm their FAUX VICTIMHOOD Class. They are now the equivalent of the Christian CRUSADERS, who mobilized and weaponized in order to save Christians from Islamic slavery of the Moor invasions.

The difference is that the class structure the Left believes in is purely imaginary, an artifact not of empirical fact, but of ideological machinations in their fevered minds. Nonetheless, the resulting self-righteousness is finally being openly implemented in violence.

This is a binary situation: either the Left changes its ideology into one of actual, real tolerance and acceptance of the Other, or their increasing violence must be met. It is binary because the mindset of the Left is exactly binary. They have defined Good and Evil in their own religious terms; and the self-righteous Leftist Sharia cannot tolerate tolerance of the non-Left. Evil must be eradicated under Leftist Sharia. Evil means all non-Leftist thought.

Only Hive-Think is allowed by the Left, and they constantly signal their Hive-Righteousness to avoid being eliminated themselves. The most infamous example of this was the time that the Amazing Randi suggested that there might be some validity to climate-panic skepticism. The reaction was immediate and severe; Randi lost all his creds as a Leftist, and the attacks on him were cold, hard and devastating. Randi immediately repented openly, and publicly self-lacerated in order to be allowed back into the cloister. It was an "Amazing" yet predictable sight.

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