Monday, April 3, 2017

They're Starting to Notice the Messiahs

The Left Is Transforming into a Religion, Maybe a Bit Too Literally
Imagine there's no heaven, only politics.

"One of the more prescient essays in recent years is Jody Bottum's "The Spiritual Shape of Political Ideas," which I'm proud to say was published in THE WEEKLY STANDARD. The essay posits that religious ideas are transforming politics as we know it, only instead of the hand-wringing about the Moral Majority or the George W. Bush administration's supposed attempts to impose theocracy, it's the left that is, ahem, "culturally appropriating" religious ideas to suit their own attempts to seize power.

Take ethnicity, which has become a matter of original sin. Unlike the Judeo-Christian belief, however, this sin does not apply to all of humanity. "So profound is the sin, in fact, that not even its proponents escape. The more they are aware of white privilege, the more they see it everywhere, even in themselves," writes Bottum. He quotes an essay of University of Texas professor Robert Jensen, who wrote: "There is not space here to list all the ways in which white privilege plays out, but it is clear that I will carry this privilege with me until the day white supremacy is erased."

Even Andrew Sullivan recently reached this conclusion, when he recently examined "intersectionality," the left-wing buzzword du jour, which he accurately describes as "neo-Marxist theory that argues that social oppression does not simply apply to single categories of identity — such as race, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc. — but to all of them in an interlocking system of hierarchy and power." Sullivan further observes that intersectionality "is operating, in Orwell's words, as a 'smelly little orthodoxy,' and it manifests itself, it seems to me, almost as a religion. It posits a classic orthodoxy through which all of human experience is explained — and through which all speech must be filtered. Its version of original sin is the power of some identity groups over others. To overcome this sin, you need first to confess, i.e., 'check your privilege,' and subsequently live your life and order your thoughts in a way that keeps this sin at bay."

This idea of identity-as-sin works well as a metaphor. But every once in a while, a story comes along where the metaphor becomes all too literal:

The University of Regina is asking its male students to own up to their toxic masculinity, and they're setting up a confessional booth—similar to those in Catholic churches—where guys can confess their sins of "hypermasculinity."

The program is part of the university's "Man Up Against Violence" program, which encourages guys on campus to take control of their masculine nature and speak out against sexual harassment.

But like most good efforts begun by social justice warriors, the Man Up Against Violence program ultimately takes a bizarre turn. In this case, they're asking the men on campus to start the program by laying bare all of their "sins" against the women of the community.
I suppose it was only a matter of time before the left embraced formal sacraments such as confession. Only there's one key aspect of America's religious tradition the left will never embrace: I guarantee no man will walk out of this campus confession booth having been forgiven of the sin of "hypermasculinity."

Certainly, the religious right has had its excesses. But if you think that's bad, just imagine the consequences of a political system dominated by a religious left that doesn't believe in redemption."


Anonymous said...

Sorry this does not relate to that post but, where is the content related to Atheism here?

FrankNorman said...

I think that hits the nail on the head - the Left is a religion that does not believe in redemption. "Confess your sins - so we can prosecute you for them!" ?

That alone is a reason that any sane person should give them the old one-finger salute.

Stan said...

Anonymous, please show an identity, or your comments will be deleted.

The Leftist Marxist Social Justice Warriors and Atheists are nearly synonymous these days. Atheists have always considered themselves to be superior in all ways. That self-endowed superiority confers elitism and the Right to dictate morals and all other aspects of life to the stupid herd, the benighted masses who cannot comprehend the depth of the AtheoLeftist mind and altruism as the AtheoLeft strives to force the stupid herd into a closely controlled Utopia.

One must be an Atheist to take this personal giftedness of elitist messiahism as true. There is one other option: Islamism. They are chartered to conquer Earth, subdue those they do not kill, and rule in the name of Allah with the iron fist of Sharia. But this is not about them, although they do show up at persecutions of the herd.

What the USA is now seeing is the natural consequence of widespread Atheism and its disconnect with all values except the Will To Power which Nietzsche perfectly described as the only outcome available to an Atheist, anti-rational society.

With no grounding in any absolutes, Atheism is the return to protobarbarism in the form of self-elevation and self-aggrandizement, while pretending to be tolerant, wise, and altruistic. The pretense is observed clearly to be a false veneer, transparently covering raging self-importance and self-righteous intolerance.

That's where Atheism is in all this. The messiahs ARE Atheists.

Vince said...

Ok, picked a name, but that did not really answer my question. We need to get to the 4th paragraph to get something about Atheism (With no grounding in any absolutes, Atheism is the return to protobarbarism in the form of...) but this is still not about what Atheism is, it's about how you perceive Atheists, the people. Where are your articles/discussions on the existence of God? Thanks.

Stan said...

Well, a good start is right there in the Left Hand Column. Just under Evolution. And in the right hand column is the list of all article categories for the past 9.5 years, including Atheism articles of various types. Also there is the Challenge to Atheists, left hand column, with some current activity. As I said, most Atheist focus these days is purely Leftist 3 Class Marxism, so that's where the blog has gone. But I'm happy to discuss anything with you so long as it stays rational. What do you want to talk about?

Vince said...

Sorry I don't see anything on the sides, just blog posts. I am reading these during my commute on a phone; could this be the reason? Anyway I was looking for arguments for God and why Atheism is wrong but after scrolling through pages of articles I could not find any, but did find shocking things tbh, so I will respectful decline your offer. Thanks.

Stan said...

That's too bad, most of the meat of this blog is in the side columns, and is reachable by a click.

If you are shocked by what you find here, then you live in a carefully controlled bubble, cloistered from mainstream opinion which has been held from 1776 onward. Only with the advent of the Gramscian Long March of Marxism through the institutions in the past 25 years has the flow of information been restricted to low information consumers.

Atheism is wrong because Aristotelian logic is correct. Care to discuss?

Vince said...

I think the world is beautiful. There are evil things, sure, but God's creation is for us to cherish, enjoy and make the most of. I try to focus on the positive as much as possible and, I am sorry but, you seem to focus on everything that you find ugly and it comes across as hate. You should think of what turning the other cheek means for instance... I will find resources somewhere else. Thanks.

Stan said...

Turning the other cheek doesn't mean "commit suicide by being sweet". Jesus also instructed his apostles to buy swords. What do you make of that? Anyway, you're leaving, so...