Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thinking With Their Glands

Fred Reed, anthropologist of the week:
(7) This in turn brings us to immigration, which amounts to the importation of people so they can hate each other.

Open borders are supported by vaguely warm-hearted appeals to those who think with their glands. There are probably 500 million Indians, as many Chinese, hundreds of millions of Africans, more Muslims, and several hundred million Latin Americans who would like to emigrate to the United States. The question for Social Justice Warriors is how many of these should be admitted–none, all, or a specific figure between?

Anyone who makes noises in favor of immigration should answer this question as otherwise he will be engaging in mere moral posing. But to choose one number is to exclude another number. Not inclusive, that.
So. Moral posing vs. not inclusive. The SJW must choose correctly according to SJW narrative, or be subjected to mass revulsion and expulsion. Moral posing is so much easier to pull off. And easier on the glands, too.

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