Monday, May 1, 2017

Because Basically She's An Awful Person

The Left still obsesses about how it is that Hillary lost, when everybody knows that it was her turn.
[Cornell] West, a professor of The Practice of Public Philosophy, did a fair amount of public philosophizing about the 2016 election, insisting that it was one “which Democrats lost more than Republicans won” in large part because the party “put forward a Wall Street-connected and openly militaristic candidate with little charisma.”
That's a good start, but he forgot the part about Hillary being a lying, murderous bitch who defends her rapist husband and absolutely hates over half the nation. But yeah; "little charisma". Calling down hatred on half the nation is not a feature of charisma except for the hate-engorged-half.

In other news, the thinkers have figured out why Hillary lost (Not enough votes).

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Steven Satak said...

Good old Cornell West. He and Tavis Smiley's racist assumptions, their determination to keep everyone in the mid-1960s - is what turned me off forever to NPR. This was back in 2007.

No one blinked, no one batted an eyelash when those two got together on NPR and started talking about Victimhood.