Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fareed Zacharia Proves Leftists are NOT Tolerant

Fareed makes a statement outside the narrative: Guess what happens...
SWEET schadenfreude! Left comes unglitterglued after CNN admits Liberals aren’t that tolerant [video]
My preference for best Leftist response is the girl who claims that bad people must be excluded from tolerance, because bad people are Oppressors (my term, not hers, but her concept):
K. Black @FReshtinggg

@CNN @FareedZakaria Sitting idly by and watching corrupt and vile people further oppress marginalized groups isn't tolerance
And who exactly is she saying is "corrupt and vile"? Well, SHE decides that, not you. And it doesn't include the Clintons or Comey or antifa thugs, or any virtue-signaller, you can bet on that.

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