Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Federal Cyber-Fools

The Feds obviously did not detect and halt the destruction caused by their own tools.
The Best Laid Plans

The obvious philosophical arguments aside, this latest development provides an in-your-face example of why these agencies are making the world and America an increasingly dangerous place rather than safer. The recent theft of the NSA’s suite of cyber weapons illustrates their continued inability to keep information secure. Many forgot about the Chinese hack of the OPM’s Form 86s that revealed 14M people’s personal information, contacts and personal history going back a decade or more of everyone with a TS security clearance. Going back more than a decade now the NSA and CIA have left a trail of leaks, all of which have left the taxpayers and private sector as collateral damage. My own family members were impacted by the OPM hack and the public was asked to nod understandingly and simply forget it ever happened. For $1.5B and virtually limitless power over our data and personal information, the results have been…less than satisfactory.

The human experimentation done in places like Holmsburg Prison by the US government, Dow Chemical, and Johnson & Johnson on unwitting prisoners for things like dioxin and chemical torture compounds should disabuse the readers of any notions that compartmentalized and bureaucratic government agencies should be granted any great amount of trust. The primary function seems to be creating weapons and then unwittingly using them on the native population or allowing them to be used in such a manner. Such is the case here, using our tax dollars to not only fail to do their primary responsibility, protect the electronic infrastructure in the US, but also display a stunning level of incompetence in allowing the very weapons they intended to use on dissident citizens and enemies of the US to be co-opted for use by 21st century pirates. Given the last decade, it is a wonder they allow either agency to have computers or sharp objects in the building. Let us not forget the same people not only got caught lying about meta-data collection, but also siphon off ungodly amounts of money to fund their giant data storage facilities. I fear it is too much to ask that my overlords at least be semi-competent when they demand I submit myself to their electronic voyeurism.
Looking like fools rather than techie-wizards.


Aaa said...

That's because Trump is a child

Stan said...

No, David Brooks is the ignoble fool put forth by the NYT as a "conservative voice". Remember, Brooks fell head over heals in love with Barack Obama, even to the point of Obama's perfectly creased pants causing him to love-gush. Brooks is a perpetual false flag, a Leftist liar who pretends in every way.

Here's an actual expert on the subject:
National Security Advisor Says Trump’s Discussion with Russians was “Wholly Appropriate: